Meet A DIY Hero: The Unprofessional

You’ve been seeing and hearing my rants and ramblings about learning skills and putting them to use around the house for over a year now. But believe it or not, for all of my high-falutin’ jargon and chest-thumping, I am not an expert in the world of DIY.

“But Captain,” you say, starting to feel like you’ve been duped, “there’s no way someone as study and buffed as you could be anything less than perfect in every DIY-related way!”

That’s an excellent point, but nonetheless I am not a pillar of perfection.

OK, Enough With The Horn-Tooting

The reason I’m taking my ego down a peg or two here is to be sure and remind all of you that the world of DIY is definitely not exclusive. Nothing says you have to have a beard or routinely wear flannel. My DIY skills get put to shame regularly, which is altogether inspiring.

Actually, back up. You do need to wear flannel, at least during the project.

I don’t want to seem like a pompous know-it-all, and in the interest of reducing my douche-baggery, I am pleased to introduce a DIY Hero who recently popped by the blog to say hello.

Lara writes a really fun and creative blog called The Unprofessional, in which she chronicles her own DIY projects from the perspective of a self-proclaimed DIY newbie.

She recently introduced me to this fantastic video on her YouTube channel (that’s right; not only does she write a blog, she also has a friggin YouTube channel!) in which she walks us through the full process of installing a wall mount sink, including the plumbing connections. Check it out!

Great stuff, isn’t it? Now, I want to remind you out there that doing your own plumbing can be risky, and your insurance company might not like it. That part’s on you; I’m not going to tell you whether or not you should take that plunge.

What I am going to tell you is Lara has a likable, personable presence who makes the job seem feasible, and the video production is fabulous as well. Even if you don’t attempt the project, at least it’s an enjoyable video. It’s always nice to see someone tackle something a little outside their comfort zone and have the end result look so good!

So that’s it. I wanted to share this incredibly bright spotlight shining on me (hi to both my mom and Grandma!) with someone who is not afraid to do something different. Go get ‘em, Lara! And that bathroom looks great!

4 thoughts on “Meet A DIY Hero: The Unprofessional

  1. I’ve long believed that there is a direct correlation between the amount of flannel I wear and the quality of my final product. Thanks for the awesome post, Captain!

    -The Unprofessional


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