Captain DIY on Choose FI

Holy crap, this is a big deal! I have been on some fantastic podcasts before (such as House of FI and Bigger Pockets Money) and today marks my feature on one of the biggest names in the Financial Independence community! In fact, they’re so big, they’re one of the biggest rising stars in personal finance!

Thats right, yours truly has been featured on the famed Choose FI finance radio show!

Ok, it’s a podcast, but they like to say radio show, and I like the way that sounds, so I’m sticking with it!

What is Choose FI?

Seriously?! If you read this blog and you’ve never heard of Choose FI, you are in for a real treat. Jonathan and Brad are two regular guys who have brought together a massive community of people looking for a better path in life.

Jonathan worked as a pharmacist while paying off massive student loans, and eventually was able to ditch the regular job to focus on his true calling: podcasting.

Brad achieved FI before even starting the podcast, and therefore brings a voice of calm reason and experience to the show to counter Jonathan’s infectious enthusiasm.

Why You Should Listen

I’ve written a bit about my backstory here and there, and in this interview I go into further detail on how I found FI, where my family and I were before we found it, and how we are pursuing it.

I also talk about the trades, and I even wrote a blog article for the Choose FI website going into more options to get into the trades as well as some great beginner DIY projects!

If you’re reading this on the publication date, the famous Choose FI Friday Round-up has not yet been published. So I’ll give you a little taste of what’s to come: These guys have so much to say that every week they do a follow-up episode to talk about the actionable tips and great findings of the previous guest.

Hint: you’ll hear a little bit more from me, this time more focused on the DIY aspect.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to listen to the episode, and when the Friday Round-up airs I’ll link that here!

4 thoughts on “Captain DIY on Choose FI

  1. Super awesome! (I just sounded like a 90’s teenager, sigh). Seems like you’ve been going around doing the Podcast tour like an author out on a book tour these last couple of months. Interesting to hear your back story.


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