Captain DIY on House Of FI

This is super exciting, folks! I recently went through a spate of interviews for some Financial Independence podcasts, and today the House Of FI podcast aired my interview! So cool!

What is House Of FI?

House Of FI is a podcast run by two ladies, Wendy and Timika, who like to focus their attention on the pursuit of FI for families. They like to tackle subjects like childcare, teaching your kids good money skills, and money saving tips, to name a few.

Timika, along with co-running a podcast and parenting, also writes a blog titled The Reluctant Frugalist, whose name I totally identify with. Not only that, she also started a lice clinic as a side hustle and grew it into a six-figure business in its first year!

Wendy is a mom of six (!) kids, a lawyer, a blogger at, and helps produce a podcast. These are some seriously focused ladies!

What’s on the Show?

If you hop over to iTunes or Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts, I highly recommend you search House Of FI and check out what they have to offer. There aren’t a whole lot of episodes as of this article’s publication, but the ones they have are filled with great info and entertaining conversations.

Wendy, Timika, and I first get into my background, and how my wife and I learned about the FI movement. From there, we move into the many ways one can learn a trade, how I learned my DIY skills, and much much more!

Enough of my chatter! This is going to be a short post today, because I’d rather you go to the source and listen to it for yourself!

This link will take you to the House Of FI page on which you’ll find this episode. Leave Wendy and Timika a comment and let them know what you thought of it!

Episode 14 DIY2FI with Tinian Crawford

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