Welcome to DIY 2 FI

Welcome to DIY 2 FI

Welcome! This website is dedicated to discussions about all of the best and worst ways to save a buck and make your life better through the power of DIY and the development of a growth mindset.

We’ll dive into some projects, talk about some life skills and hacks, and find ways to make ourselves happier, healthier, and hopefully wealthier!

My name is Captain DIY (why does everyone laugh at me when I say that?) and I’ll be piloting this ship through the stormy waters of knowledge and learning while picking up some tips from guest experts along the way.

You won’t find any cute fabric ideas for your throw pillows here, but you will find workout and fitness equipment tips, useful home repair tools and guides, and maybe even some inspiring ideas to grow your mindset.

Start at the beginning, search for a topic, or pop in any ol’ random spot, and let me know if any of these ideas have helped you in your quest to better yourself or grow your wallet. Enjoy!

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